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Watch Tanner Chidester Nude!

Watch Tanner Chidester Nude!

Watch Tanner Chidester Nude!

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Watch Tanner Chidester Nude!

Tanner Chidester nude

I know some people are a little sensitive to this topic, but I feel it’s important.


How much money is your health worth to you?

I talked to someone yesterday who told me they had spent 100k on fitness trainers the last 2 years 😮😮😮😮

Yet training and nutrition still were a mystery to him. He has been TOLD what to do but not WHY. So what were the results?

Good results while he had the trainer hired, but poor knowledge on nutrition and working out. So when the trainer left he was back to square 1 and clueless as to what to do next. Pounds started coming back on and that’s what led him to call me.


If someone is just telling you and not teaching you get rid of them. Fitness is not complicated. Every diet and training plan that works follows the same freaking principles.

Learn once and never pay for fitness again is what I tell ALL my clients.

If you’re tired of...

🔥Doing programs that promise quick results, but you can’t sustain.
🔥Diet plans that promote chicken and broccoli only

And you wanna find something ACTUALLY sustainable once and for all. Then hit the link in my bio @tannerchidesterfitness and let’s talk.

The call is FREE.
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Tanner Chidester nude

Age is just a number. To stay around as long as possible we should all strive to be as healthy as possible. You can’t put a price on extra time with loved ones or making memories.

COMMENT BELOW YOUR THOUGHTS ON THIS GUY!! Super impressive 💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻🔽🔽🔽
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Tanner Chidester nude


🔥Low self-esteem
🔥Made fun of (was told I could eat cereal outta my chest)
🔥Got ZERO girls
🔥Cried a lot
🔥Victim mentality
🔥Socially awkward

Now obviously puberty helps to (duh) but I say with 100% HONESTY that the things you have to endure physically and mentally to create a fitness lifestyle can fix ALL THOSE THINGS.

People becoming healthy is a bonus for me. Who do I really wanna help?

⭐️The 30-50 aged guy who lacks confidence to go on dates or stand up for himself.
⭐️The busy mom looking to just stay healthy for her kids or lose those annoying 20-30 lbs.
⭐️The 25 yr. old trying to become the best person they can be.
⭐️The person who feels no one cares about them. Maybe doesn’t have someone to help motivate them or push them.

That’s why I only work with a SMALL amount of clients. I want to talk to them every day. I want to go on the journey with them. I’m not just trying to coach them, I wanna become friends with them.

I’m so freaking passionate about fitness. If you need help please sign up for a free phone call in my bio @tannerchidesterfitness

Nothing brings me more joy then someone transforming their life mentally with lasting healthy lifestyle changes 🙏🏻🙏🏻
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Tanner Chidester nude

Which person will you be? Being healthy needs to start today 🙏🏻💪🏻

I can’t even count how many times I’ve heard someone say, “my body doesn’t work like it used to.”

Obviously as you get older the body will break down, but it’s like anything. The better you take care of it the longer it will last.

If I can’t move around and live life on my terms idk if I wanna stick around. A wheelchair or cane doesn’t sound all to appealing at an older age.

The choice is yours...which person will you be? Deciding to do nothing is deciding to be the one on the right btw ⏩⏩⏩

📷 @docjenfit *No copyright infringement intended. All rights reserved to original content owners.
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Tanner Chidester nude


Most women and men are always telling me essentially the same ones...

1️⃣ Legs
2️⃣ Butt or booty 🍑🍑🍑
3️⃣ Stomach

Stomach is the easy one because that’s handled by diet. Legs and booty however take working in those compound leg movements on a consistent basis. You should have a steady diet of...

🔥 Squats
🔥 Lunges
🔥 Deadlifts

There’s a lot of other exercises you can add in obviously but if you’re not doing a steady diet of at least 2/3 of those I wouldn’t be surprised your legs/butt is not where you want it to be.

Legs are bigger muscles so they take more work, but they’re totally worth it 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻
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Tanner Chidester nude

I’ve been where most of you now are now 😞. Low confidence, low self esteem, & the butt of people’s jokes.

As a kid I was made fun of because of how I looked. I was SUPER tall and skinny. There was a joke I could eat cereal out of my chest because it was so caved in 😫😫 (that’s messed up right lol)

Not to mention I was socially awkward, and being made fun of did nothing to boost my self esteem.

I had no confidence to approach girls. I was the butt of all the jokes in class, I had no friends, and I felt I had no way out. I remember going home crying wondering what I’d have to do to change my fate.

That’s when it clicked that no one (including my parents) could help me while I was at school. PROBABLY the biggest realization of my life even to this day...That I would have to take matters into my own hands and handle my own business. For some reason most people don’t understand that it’s UP TO YOU to change your life. Not up to luck or other people.

The next day at just 12 years old I started working out, training, and learning about nutrition. It was my outlet for my anger and I truly believed it would change how people treated me.

Fast forward to today and I can 100% say w/o a doubt that that’s true. Fitness isn’t about the physical changes. (That’s just a bonus)

It’s about what the physical transformation does to you mentally. Changing your body through consistent hard work and effort does something to you pshycoligically.

You simply realize if you can be consistent and dedicated to a fitness plan, that you can reach any goal you want in life. The same things that create fitness success directly correlate to life, work, relationships, you name it.

My goal is to help as many people as possible who struggle with these issues. Getting healthy is great but I’m in this ya truly CHANGE people’s lives.

If you’re ready for some serious change click the link in my bio @tannerchidesterfitness
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Tanner Chidester nude

Life’s to short to stay in on the weekend and eat out of Tupperware.

I refuse to give up my happiness and memories with friends and loved ones to have abs. People think it’s one or the other. I say that’s nonsense.

Here’s how you can go out on the weekends, enjoy yourself, and still stay lean and healthy year round.

1️⃣ Intermittent Fasting...I’m not a fan of this 24/7 but if you know you’re going out to dinner with friends where you’re gonna indulge on food 🍕🌭🥖 & drinks 🍸🍹🍾 (aka me last night) then you eat less during the day. Whether you have 1 meal or 6 as long as your calorie balance is equal you’ll achieve the same results as far as your physique goes. So if you’re going out plan ahead and save your calories.

2️⃣ Plan ahead...if you know you’re going out decide what you’re eating and drinking before you get there. That way you’re not tempted to look at the menu and order anything else. Know before hand what you’re eating and stick to it.

3️⃣ Stop with your bullshit excuses...everyone always has a million reasons why they mess up.

🔥 rough week
🔥 people are mean to me
🔥 I deserve it 🔥 I need a cheat meal
🔥 my friends made me
🔥 one day won’t hurt me

If you wanna cheat on your nutrition go ahead. But when you look exactly the same day after day and week after week make sure you’re looking in the mirror at the person to blame. YOU. If it’s important you’ll do it. If it’s not you’ll play the victim and cry 😢 about why life’s not fair and you’re the exception.

I like food to. I like indulging to. I like drinking. I like sweets. But I also like results and reaching my goals. So I just do it and I provide as much balance to myself as possible.

You can be lean and enjoy with a little effort. It’s just in today’s world everyone is so damn lazy and wants instant gratification.

NEWS FLASH...nothing worthwhile happens overnight. All the way from fitness to relationships, you have to work.

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Tanner Chidester nude


1️⃣ Don’t freak out. We’re all human. It means we’re not perfect. The best thing you can do is recognize you messed up. Realize that’s what you wanted at the particular moment and move on. Had a client admit to me he fell off and that’s huge. We all do at one time or another.

2️⃣ Don’t punish yourself 👊🏻. Usually the day after people feel the need to start drastically cutting calories and do hours of cardio. STOP 🛑 THAT! Punishing yourself not only leads to bad habits but isn’t necessary. We’re not pets or animals. Just get right back to your normal routine of nutrition & working out.

3️⃣ Try to find out what triggered you to fall off and try to fix it. Most people I talk to either fall off late at night or when they’re out with friends etc. The way you handle this is to plan ahead and/or get friends that will support your goals.

We become who we hang around so don’t associate with people who don’t support what you’re trying to do.

Falling off your diet isn’t the end of the world. No one is perfect and it happens. All you have to do is accept responsibility and move on. Don’t make excuses or feel sorry for yourself. Just use these pointers I’ve given you and move past it.

If you feel you need even further action steps feel free to apply for a FREE phone call calendly.com/tannerchidesterfitness/15min
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Tanner Chidester nude

DOUBLE TAP if you ❤️❤️❤️ CARBS!!!

Nearly makes me cry when I see people cutting all carbs and sugar from their lifestyle. Why?????

1️⃣ Carbs is the bodies preferred energy source
2️⃣ Gives you great pumps at the gym
3️⃣ Helps give you energy and mental focus
4️⃣ MOST IMPORTANTLY...they’re freaking delicious and it’s unrealistic to never have cake 🎂 pizza 🍕 or other deliciousness (if that’s not a word it’s is now 💁🏼) the rest of your life.

Understanding how the body loses body fat and builds muscle is crucial. People do things with good intentions but usually because they don’t understand how the body works.

PLEASEEEE don’t do extreme diets or fads. You can’t sustain it and who would want to? I eat all the stuff I like because that’s the only way I can sustain a balanced lifestyle. I’m not giving up my happiness for a six pack. Sorry ✋🏻✋🏻

If you want to learn how you can enjoy life and eat your cake at the same time message me to find out! It’s possible I promise.
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Tanner Chidester nude

People think you can’t eat pizza and stay shredded 🍕 ummmm I’m not giving up pizza for ANYTHING 😂😂 lol. If there wasn’t a way to do both at the same time, I wouldn’t have abs ha!

When you learn how the body works...eating what you want isn’t just some dream, it’s a reality. Want pizza and abs? Perfect 👌🏻 so do I 🙏🏻👌🏻

Learn how the body works and FREE yourself from the chicken and rice diet. Giving up things you love won’t make you happy, that’s why I don’t 😜. If you don’t understand how I can eat what I want and still stay lean...then hit the link in my bio and let’s talk about it.

Hypothetically speaking...Would you up pizza if it meant you’d 100% have abs? Agree or disagree? I sure as hell wouldn’t lol 😂
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Tanner Chidester nude

There’s 3 main things a fitness lifestyle comes down to...


🔥Strategy is simple. What’s your workout and meal plan? There’s 10,000 ways to get the same results. The key here is to find what YOU like and can sustain. But end of day if you follow a plan that uses science the results will come. (Calories in vs. cals out & progressive overload)

🔥Mindset is more your attitude towards fitness. When someone brings up the gym or eating do you immediately go 🙄 or are you more 😊😬😀? Like anything in life a positive mindset is crucial to having success. If you’re a negative nancy your life will suck. Straight truth bomb 💣

🔥Accountability. This is when other people know your goals and hold you accountable. They encourage you, show you tough love, and cheer for your progress. When others know what your goals are you are WAY more likely to stick with them.

So which of these is most important? Well all of them are, but where do most people fall off? ACCOUNTABILITY

Most people make goals in silence. They’re embarrassed of telling the world because they care what others think. The thing is by not telling anyone it’s really not a goal yet.

Since I was small I always told my parents I was gonna play college football 🏈 then it happened. Then I told them I was gonna model and get some covers, and it happened. Then I was gonna own and run a business full time and now that’s happened.

People made fun of me and laughed but so what? Of course they will. You’re doing something that they’re to scared to even attempt. So they try to bring you down so that they feel better about themselves. Long story short, telling people makes it a reality. Keeping things to yourself let’s you set yourself up to quit when things get tough. -
Every day (sometimes I don’t 😜) I try to post an accountability pic to my social media. 50k+ people strong to hold me accountable to my physique and fitness goals. Doing so helps me stay on track on days I don’t feel good or want to work out. Yes I feel that way to lol.

My clients are all set up with accountability systems so that they’re not alone in their goals. (More captions in the comments below)
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Tanner Chidester nude


These are all the guys shirts I have to start. Wanted to start cautious and slow and go from there. 5 colors and two different styles. I have women’s as well and will post at a later time.

For now these are mostly reserved just for my clients, but if you are interested you can DM me and I can see what I can do.

Hope everyone’s having a great Sunday 😊🙏🏻

Shot by: Nicholas Brausch
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Tanner Chidester nude

A lot of people struggle with form and how to perform certain exercises. I wanted to try to start dropping some videos showing the WRONG as well as RIGHT way to go about things. Let me know in the comments if this is helpful or any specific exercises you might wanna see ⬇️⬇️⬇️

The wrong way to do bicep curls...

1️⃣ Going to fast (it’s not about how fast you go but how well you are working the muscle that dictates growth)
2️⃣ Using momentum. This is a bicep exercise not a full body movement. Do not swing or use your legs to cheat.
3️⃣ Swinging your elbows. Your elbows shouldn’t ever move. They should stay locked in one spot the entire range of the movement.

The RIGHT way to do bicep curls...

1️⃣ Slow down and control the movement. Contract the muscle and get full range of motion for the beta results.
2️⃣ Don’t use momentum. Make sure your body isn’t swinging.
3️⃣ Keep your elbows still. By swinging them you’re just changing the top point of the contraction. That equals wasted energy and will start to build poor habits.

Give these tips a try and let me know how it goes.
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Tanner Chidester nude

Double tap if you agree and comment below whether you struggle more to make healthy foods or get to the gym⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️

So for those of you who don’t know I come from a family of 7 kids. As I’ve gotten older I have come to realize that my mom and other moms out there are real life super heroes 🙏🏻🙏🏻⭐️⭐️

Constantly putting themselves before others, it’s hard for them to make enough time for themselves. So with the little time they do have I’ve found they want quick, easy, and efficient plans they can follow. They don’t have time for crazy workout routines or boring meal plans.

They want things they can make for the family and also enjoy themselves. Nothing’s worse then cooking two different meals 🙄🙄 YUCKKK
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Tanner Chidester nude

Here’s one of the other colors and styles that I have available with the launch of my clothing line “disrupt.” (Toying with the idea of rebranding at the moment...we’ll see 🤔)

This is a test run for me to see what everyone likes and dislikes. For now they are reserved mainly for clients (if you DM me and want one though I’ll
accommodate you). There’s also girl shirts I’ll be posting as well.

Let me know what you think of this style and color BELOW ⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️ would you rock it?

Will drop the other colors and styles over the course of the week 🙏🏻
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Tanner Chidester nude

You might want to change primarily because of your own goals, but your change will definitely affect someone's life as well. It may be your family, loved ones, or potential partners. When my clients progress, I start to get even more motivated to improve myself, skills, and coaching so that I can serve even more people.

Your life will change for the better, not just your body. Your health is actually the smallest reward compared to the character, self esteem, attitude towards life, and the new opportunities that will come.

Interested in becoming the best version of yourself? 😏 Click the link in my bio for a FREE phone call and let's talk about it!
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Tanner Chidester nude

I truly believe price is never an issue when it comes to people's buying decisions. It truly comes down to ⭐️VALUE⭐️

Talked to a young man today who is tired of...

🔥Feeling bad
🔥People Laughing at him
🔥Can't tie his shoes
🔥Parents look at him in disgust (his words)
🔥Being unhealthy

He told me he was willing to do ANYTHING to change. He is tired of it.

My job as a coach and as a person wanting to impact people's lives in a positive way, is to give someone a plan they ENJOY and is SUSTAINABLE. I just ask someone commits 100%

If they do that I can always work out the rest.

This guy is so ready for change he was willing to come up with whatever plan we had to financially to make it work.

I know I can get him to lose the weight, get his self respect back, and fall back in love with himself. I know it was a good choice for him.

This is what I live for. This is what I was born to do. It's not about losing the weight. It's about changing people's lives.

Nobody should ever feel the way this individual is talking like. Through fitness I try to change people's mindset and self worth for the better 🙏🏻

If this resonates with you hit the link in my bio. Let's talk it out over a phone call.
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Tanner Chidester nude

When you feel like your excuse is valid, I want you to just pull up this picture and take a hard look. You can always find some reason why you shouldn’t do something. The winners are the people who do what they’re supposed to even when they don’t WANT to. ... See MoreSee Less

Tanner Chidester nude

Obviously this guy is prolly just joking but...

Most people nowadays want instant results 🙊. They are willing to pay for "shortcut" methods that are just a complete waste of money. "Drink this, Take this, Wear this for instant results.”

I teach discipline and consistency to my clients because those are the two things that can really speed up the transformation process. Don't waste your time, money and effort trying to find shortcuts. There aren’t any 😅😅😅

Everyone knows the saying “if it’s worth it, it won’t be easy. And if it’s easy, it won’t be worth it.”

I’m here to be your partner in crime when it comes to your fitness goals. Whatever struggle or fear you might be facing I was once there myself. Just click the link in my bio for a FREE phone call and let's talk about it👍👍👍
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Tanner Chidester nude

When should you do isolation exercises?

For those who don’t know, an isolation exercise is any movement that only focuses on one muscle. For example...

🔥bicep curls
🔥tricep pushdowns (in picture)
🔥shoulder lateral raises
🔥calf raises

Isolation movements should only ever be done at the end of a workout. Why?

Compound movements (movements that work more then one muscle) such as...

🔥bench press

Will always be better when it comes to increasing size and strength. It works more muscles at once and let’s you handle more volume, therefore it is a better use of your time. On the other hand, isolation movements only work a singular muscle so it’s a lot less bang for your buck. Not to mention the fact you can’t move as much weight.

GROWTH comes from increasing volume. VOLUME=weightXrepsXsets

You’ll always be able to do more volume when doing compound movements. So if you’re HELL BENT on doing isolation movements I suggest only incorporating them at the end of a workout.

For the majority of people compound movements will be plenty to achieve your results. If you wanna do a set or two of an isolation exercise feel free. But the goal of a workout SHOULD ALWAYS be t o do the least amount of work for the most results.

So I stick to 1-2 sets of isolation work a week and that’s it. Everything else I do is a compound lift.

Leave your questions and comments below about how you feel the best way to train is ⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️
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Tanner Chidester nude

I get asked a lot “Tanner what’s the best workout plan?” I’ll always say “we’ll idk what do you like to do and when do you like to train?”

That always leads to their face doing this 🤔🤔🤔

It’s not about finding “the best plan.” It’s about finding one that’s sustainable. If I give you the most hardcore plan on earth but you can’t follow it, then how does that benefit you at all?

But if I give you a plan you enjoy and can do on a consistent basis, then you’ll start to see results and actually enjoy the process.

It’s not about being as hardcore as possible. It’s about building a sustainable plan that you can do for a lifetime. Meaning it has to be fun, enjoyable, and doable. The people who are the most consistent are ALWAYS the most successful. It’s not whose the most hardcore.

Remember that whenever it comes to anything in life and you’ll succeed a lot more.

If you need help building your perfect plan then schedule a FREE call with me. calendly.com/tannerchidesterfitness/15min
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Tanner Chidester nude

Filters are great for extra details, and I honestly have no issue with them. The reason I like this comparison is because it shows how social media can distort reality. Some people are taking 10,000 pics, using angles, and adding filters to get that “perfect” pic. That’s why you can & should take inspiration from others, but you should never compare. Maybe it was the best they looked all year or they were dieted down for a photo shoot etc.

Just always keep perspective. Appreciate @nickcheadlefitness always keeping it real. Have only had a few conversations but I like the guy a lot.

FOLLOW 👉 @tannerchidesterfitness 👈 for more 👀⚡️✨

📷 @nickheadlefitness
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Tanner Chidester nude

One of the best things you can do to motivate yourself to make a new lifestyle change, is to buy new clothes 👔👕👚

So if you usually wear an XL and want to fit into a medium eventually. Go and buy some medium shirts!

I FINALLY have my clothes coming in this week so I'll be sending out shirts to both my male & female clients to help them in this regard. I'll post the other styles and colors this week!

What do you think of this shirt & color?⬇️⬇️⬇️

Shot by: Nicholas Brausch
[email protected]
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Tanner Chidester nude

Which size are you? COMMENT below 👇 and don't be shy.

Proper health starts from understanding your own body, and loving where you are right now in your fitness journey.

Remember, just focus on self improvement and never mind what level others are at in their own fitness journey. We all have our own and go at our own paces 💪

I'll check your comments below. 👊👊👊 ▫️
📷 @bodyinspire_ via @backsupportsolution
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Tanner Chidester nude

I wasn't always as big and strong as I am now.

I used to be a lot smaller. I wasn't to sure how to work out or diet. I'd walk in the gym and feel insecure and think everyone was looking at me, and maybe they were. BUT I've found the people who laugh at others just beginning or trying to better themselves, are just unhappy with their own miserable lives.

That's why once I figured out how to train and diet properly, it's been my mission to help as many people as I can who are just as lost and confused as I used to be.

You're not alone, I want to help. I want to help people find a sustainable diet and workout plan. I want people to gain confidence and feel good when they look in the mirror.

Nobody should have to feel bad for trying to improve themselves or feel lost as to what they should do. I will never judge anyone. As long as you're trying to improve you will earn my respect and I will try to help in anyway possible.

If you're struggling click the link in my bio for a FREE phone call and let's talk it out. If you feel lost, YOU ARE NOT ALONE.

COMMENT BELOW what's been your biggest struggle in your fitness journey ⬇️⬇️⬇️

It helps me know what information I need to focus on and address in my posts.
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Tanner Chidester nude

Follow @tannerchidesterfitness and I'll feed you more goodness. 💪 Now here's a very interesting take at losing weight vs losing fat: 💥HOW TO LOSE WEIGHT vs. HOW TO LOSE FAT💥

by @syattfitness 🌽If all you take from this post is one thing let it be this: WEIGHT does NOT equal FAT. And if you weigh yourself one morning and the scale pops up (even after a "perfect" day of eating), it does not mean you gained fat. Your weight will constantly go up and down and left and right for no other reason than you're putting things in and squeezing them out of your body on a daily basis.

☕️Truth is, losing weight is easy. You can get the scale to say you weigh less by sitting in a hot tub and sweating for 15min. You can lose weight by cutting salt and carbs from your diet so your body holds onto less water. And you lose weight every time you pee and poop and even on those special occasions when you do both at the same time.

🍆Focusing on your weight is a surefire way to set yourself up for failure and disappointment. Not allowing yourself to be happy until you reach your "goal weight" will screw with your head and emotions and do more harm than good.

🦄By all means, use the scale as a tool. But you need to remember the scale means NOTHING compared to how you look and feel. The scale is not always indicative of fat loss (or gain). And if you mainly focus on trying to move the scale, you'll end up looking for short-term fixes instead of long-term solutions.

🍓If your goal is to lose fat, focus less on moving the scale and more on hitting your calories and protein. Strength train 2-4x/week. And be flexible with your diet. Because progress comes from consistency, not rigidity. And the sooner you understand this is a life-long process (not a 30-day challenge), the sooner you will be leaner, stronger, healthier, and happier with your body.

Interested to see what you guys think about in the comments below! 👇
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Tanner Chidester nude

I remember when I first started my fitness journey I was so confused about nutrition!!!! 🍫🍿🍩🍮🎂🍕🥙🍖🥞🥓🥔

It seemed like there were a million videos and articles to study, but they all said different things. I had no idea who was right or what I should do.

Around this time IFFYM (If it fits your macros) had started becoming popular. I remember thinking...dang eat what you want and still get shredded? This must be to good to be true.

So at 18 I took what little money I had, bought a iifym diet plan and put it to the test. For 4 months solid I didn't mess up one time. I wanted to see if this was the real deal and if I could sustain it. -
🔥🔥FINAL RESULTS🔥🔥▶️ 220 lbs. at 15-20% BF to 180 lbs. at 4-6% BF

I remember how ecstatic I was to learn I could eat foods I enjoyed and loved, while still being lean and feeling good. It was like a whole new world had been opened up to me.

A lot of you out there struggle with the same thing. You're trying to decipher who is right and who is wrong. You've tried 100 different diets but you're just not getting the results or living the lifestyle you want. You're on the edge of giving up.

DON'T GIVE UP. The answer is closer then you think. If you're struggling with your diet and know you're ready to solve the mystery of how it's possible to stay lean while enjoying foods you love...then hit the link in the bio and schedule a FREE call. Let's talk about it 🙏🏻
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Tanner Chidester nude

If you WANT big biceps DON'T train them so freaking often.

I see guys come in and throw down 100 sets every other day trying to get bigger.

Guys....REMEMBER growth is about a balance between work and recovery. Your bicep is a teeny tiny muscle. You don't need to do a lot of work for them to grow.

Focus on your big muscles (back, chest, legs, shoulders) and your main lifts (bench, deadlift, and squats) and you WILL get bigger and stronger.

I do 6 sets of biceps in a week total. But because I focus heavily on my back they still grow plenty big.

You have to understand how training works if you want to maximize your progress. Gone are the days of reckless training and 3 hour lifts.

Not only is it counter productive but who wants to live that way?

My way promotes flexibility, balance, enjoyment, less workouts, and more food you enjoy. What's the point of a six pack if you hate your life when you have it?

If you're ready to get maximum results while eating what you love, and working out efficiently and quickly...hit the link in my bio to schedule a free call and see if we'd be a fit 👌🏻🙏🏻
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Care about others more then you care about yourself...ironically by doing that those same people will do anything for you.

Don't worry about anything else besides trying to impact people's lives. You'll get everything you want in the end if you truly care and want to help.

BUT BE GENUINE...people can smell a bull shitter a mile away.

If you're miserable focus on others. You'll become much more fulfilled 🙏🏻
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TAG your role model!

I've always believed in doing as a form of teaching. In fitness, it's really hard to change people when you don't practice what you preach. Always grateful to be in an industry where I try to help impact other people's lives 👊💪
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Watch Tanner Chidester Nude!

Watch Tanner Chidester Nude!

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Watch Tanner Chidester Nude!

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Watch Tanner Chidester Nude!

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Watch Tanner Chidester Nude!

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