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Watch Tanner Chidester Nude!

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Watch Tanner Chidester Nude!

Tanner Chidester nude


This is something I see people really struggle with on a daily basis. They’re not confident in their job skills, their physical appearance, their social skills, or even their love ❤️ life.

In my opinion it’s for a variety of factors...

1️⃣Childhood upbringing...Not much you can do here. If your parents didn’t help you become a confident person it shouldn’t be an excuse but definitely doesn’t help. Acknowledge it and learn from it.

2️⃣Low self esteem...This either comes from a poor physical appearance and/or letting what others say affect you way to much. If you worry about what people say about you then you’ll be sad your whole life. Most people will say bad things about you, so how you respond is everything.

3️⃣Poor work ethic & lack of character building activities...If you never attempt/accomplish anything that requires lots of hard work how can you ever build confidence in yourself? Sports, high grades, chores, gym routines etc. are all examples of things that require hard work and consistency. Those two things combined can do a lot of good for an individual.

FITNESS can build a whole lot of confidence in an individual. Consistency to a nutrition/training plan over a lifetime is not easy. It takes discipline, hard work, sacrifice, and being uncomfortable typically to make long term progress.

But I love ❤️ how you can see the physical changes being manifested by your hard work. You can’t cheat the grind or buy 💰💰 your way out of it. It’s just you and the iron 💪🏻

Losing 30 lbs. or gaining 10 lbs. of muscle will ALWAYS 100% of the time build confidence in a person. And when you’re confident you have high self esteem (you love ❤️ yourself). And when you love ❤️ yourself you are happy. And when you’re happy you’ve WON at life.

I’m not obsessed with fitness because of the physical gains. I’m all about the life gains it creates 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻
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Tanner Chidester nude

When should you do isolation exercises?

For those who don’t know, an isolation exercise is any movement that only focuses on one muscle. For example...

🔥bicep curls
🔥tricep pushdowns (in picture)
🔥shoulder lateral raises
🔥calf raises

Isolation movements should only ever be done at the end of a workout. Why?

Compound movements (movements that work more then one muscle) such as...

🔥bench press
🔥deadlifts (build that back...picture above)

Will always be better when it comes to increasing size and strength. It works more muscles at once and let’s you handle more volume, therefore it is a better use of your time. On the other hand, isolation movements only work a singular muscle so it’s a lot less bang for your buck. Not to mention the fact you can’t move as much weight.

GROWTH comes from increasing volume. VOLUME=weightXrepsXsets

You’ll always be able to do more volume when doing compound movements. So if you’re HELL BENT on doing isolation movements I suggest only incorporating them at the end of a workout.

For the majority of people compound movements will be plenty to achieve your results. If you wanna do a set or two of an isolation exercise feel free. But the goal of a workout SHOULD ALWAYS be t o do the least amount of work for the most results.

So I stick to 1-2 sets of isolation work a week and that’s it. Everything else I do is a compound lift.

Leave your questions and comments below about how you feel the best way to train is ⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️
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Tanner Chidester nude

HOW TO LOSE 108+ LBS... ... See MoreSee Less

Tanner Chidester nude

Full version coming soon...

How my client lost 108+ pounds!!!

Problems he faced...
Solutions he implemented...
The results from doing so...

He doesn't like being tagged on facebook but super proud of you dude!

If you're ready to change sign up for a FREE call BELOW

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Tanner Chidester nude

My Life Story ▶️ 💰BUSINESS SIDE💰
(Only 5 spots available AT THIS TIME for online fitness coaches wanting to make 6 figures)

It all starts with my passion for fitness around the age of 12. I was picked on ruthlessly and turned to the gym to try to deal with it.

I learned a lot about discipline, hard work, and found my self confidence in the process. Since that time I have always been motivated to try to help others build confidence and self esteem through the process of a body transformation.

FAST FORWARD ➡️ I studied petroleum engineering all through school while playing college football at BYU (D1) and Arizona Western (juco). After my 3rd shoulder surgery within a year I reluctantly hung up the cleats. I literally thought my life was over 😩😩😩

My whole identity was based off the fact people admired me for my athletic skills, and now it was all gone. I had no idea what to do next 😥😥😥

I continued studying engineering but soon found myself bored. All i could think about was working 8-5 for the next 40-50 years and the whole thought left me thinking 🤔🤔🤔

Is this it? Is this all life’s gonna be? A day in and day out same old thing over and over again. I found it anything but exciting and I couldn’t continue doing it. Football 🏈 was all i had and know i found myself looking for my new identity

I then went on to make the biggest decision of my life. TO LEAVE SCHOOL. The looks i got 😒😒 and the things people were saying about me were hard to see and hear. Most everyone thought i was making a massive mistake, and honestly I thought maybe i was to.

I felt like i had suddenly gone from stud to loser and it took a hit on my ego.

Leaving a guaranteed 6 figure salary on the table to pursue being an entrepreneur was the biggest decision of my life. I think what took me over the edge though was when i honestly thought to myself...🔽🔽🔽

I’d rather be homeless and living in my car then ever work for someone else. I was that convicted and passionate in what i wanted to do with my life that i didn’t care what anyone else said or thought (even though it still hurt).

I told myself I’d be a millionaire before 27 that very day. I was 22 at the time. (I’m 25 now and i I turn 26 in January)

FAST FORWARD ➡️ My mentor David Frey helps me build out my first fitness info product (The Rapid Muscle System). The whole thing took me a year to do and i learned SO much about funnels, tech, websites, copywriting, sales, and anything else you can think of pertaining to online marketing.

The issue was it was a $79 product and i was still broke. I had no money to grow. I think i sold like $2000 worth of it over 2 years all organically (which is only sustainable for so long). Not really a full time gig yet 😂😂 It was at that point (25 years old) I realized it was now or never. My last ditch attempt at being an entrepreneur. I just needed a small blimp of success. Just something showing me i hadn’t just wasted 2 years of my life learning all this stuff.

Even the most determined people can only take so much. I was beaten down mentally and was tired of the laughing and being so broke taking a girl on a date would make me anxious about my bills. People say money 💰 doesn’t ring happiness. But lack of money sure as hell brings misery.

I was tired of shitty ass waiter jobs, old cars, hard labor, and whatever other side hustle i could find. I started having thoughts that leaving school with a guaranteed 6 fit income was the biggest mistake of my life.

THE TURNING POINT ▶️ I saw a Facebook ad that promoted a program by my first business coach Sterling Alexander Griffin The promise he made was simple. He could get me to six figures as an online coach.

I thought 💭 I have 50k+ instagram followers (at the time. I’m a fitness model, I know how to coach people, I have door to door sales experience. If this doesn’t work then I’m done for. I just need one piece of information that i knew i was missing. A 5k investment later i started the program.


Long story short, with all the skills I had learned, my work ethic, and the “golden nugget” i had gotten from Sterlings program (sometimes it only takes one thing to change everything for you) i made 6 figures in 8 weeks 💰💰💰

Not a bad return on an investment. People are so scared to drop money on personal development and skills, but they’ll blow it on dumb ass cars and worthless junk any day of the week. Then wonder why they still aren’t going anywhere. I literally went into debt to pay for this program because i was willing to DO ANYTHING to succeed.

Those are the 1% of people you see getting stuff done. Period. Willing to risk it all to be where they wanna be.

When people whine or complain about prices of programs and won’t invest in themselves I don’t feel bad for them. I would’ve been screwed financially if this didn’t work out.

Since that time I’ve reinvested almost ALL of it to take me to the next level. I spent 3 days with one of the best in the business Vito La Fata & his beautiful wife Anna Renderer (Picture shown) on the next moves you to take my business to 7 figures. We’ve also teamed up on some projects we’ll be working on together, and couldn’t be more excited. (Big thank you to Scott Rawcliffe for the hook up 🙏🏻🙏🏻 I’ll forever be grateful to you)

To say i feel blessed is an understatement and it makes living like crap 💩 for 3 years out of my life, and having people laugh at me all worth it.

I’ll always continue helping people lose weight, gain muscle, and transform themselves BUT now i also want to add another element.

I want to help all the trainers and coaches out there that WANT to coach people online full time, but don’t know how/don’t make enough to. The ones who feel beaten down, lost, confused, as to what to do. The ones asking “Tanner how did you do it?”

Going through what i have, has prepared me to fast track results and help others skip making the same mistakes i did.

Following, no following, skills, or no skills. I know what it takes to get to that level because i went through hell to get to where I am. I know what knowledge has to be obtained and what skills need to be developed. I spent years learning them all.

So if you’re SERIOUS (if not don’t waste your time) and understand how to coach, can get results, and want to make this full time BUT you just don’t know how...

Sign up for a call with me and let’s talk. I got 5 spots and I’m not taking on more then i can chew. 5 is all I can handle right now with all the responsibilities and growth i have going on.

You can watch people live the life you wish you were, or you can just live it yourself. You decide 🙏🏻

P.S. NEVER give up

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Tanner Chidester nude


Honestly i struggled with this early on and still do at times 😶

No matter how big i got, or how lean I’d get. It would NEVER be enough. I think the same can be true for many.

Lately I’ve been reading a book by @lewishowes and I’m really getting into it lol. Which is rare for me 😂😂

He calls it “the athlete mask.”

He goes into detail how those who wear that mask get their self worth from their athletic accomplishments. Its what makes a man FEEL like A MAN 💪🏻💪🏻

AKA my collegiate football days where i literally thought my life was over after i essentially had career ending injuries 😢

I had LOST my identity and what had made me most confident in the world

I think you can easily relate this to the fitness world 🌍 it can ruin you if you let it. I was in that world (modeling) where everyone judges you off how low your body fat percentage is or how much weight you can squat or bench.

What I’ve come to realize is that if that’s how you measure your worth, it will never be enough. SOMEONE else will always be bigger and better then you. That goes for everything in life.

The thing to recognize is looking better should bring about a level of comfort and confidence. Self esteem will go up and health will increase. BUT if that is how you measure your worth, you’ll always be unhappy.

One thing i feel sets me apart from most trainers is i delve into that side. I don’t just teach you how to lose weight and throw you to the side of the road. My MAIN goal in fact, is to help others emotionally and bring about a level of confidence never attained before.

YOU are important. YOU are good enough. Use fitness as a tool for happiness, but don’t base your self worth off how many abs are showing. If you do you’ll be sorely disappointed when you get there.

P.S. I’m not being paid to promote this book but I’m becoming a fan boy of @lewishowes

I highly recommend reading 📖 his newest book “The mask of masculinity.”
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Tanner Chidester nude

The #1 thing I hear from men is: "I WANT ABS."

The truth is what you have to do to get them isn't hard. What's hard is actually implementing the steps.

STEP 1: LEARN HOW TO EAT PROPERLY: People think to have abs you have to "eat clean" and "suffer" but that's just not true. I eat my pizza, burgers, ice cream, brownies, and all the other good stuff everyone craves. The only difference is I understand how to stay in a caloric deficit by taking a little time to plan out when I'll have these treats. If you aren't willing to plan you aren't ready for abs.

STEP 2: DO HEAVY AB EXERCISES: Without a proper diet your abs will always stay hidden under your body fat. BUT the bigger you can get them to grow through heavy resistance training the more you'll be able to see them at higher body fat percentages.

Higher body fat means eating more, and eating more is always 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

It's that simple. Learning how to eat and plan is the hardest part. But once you understand how food and calories work you can have abs year round if you wish

I’m taking on a few more clients before New Years so if you need help hit the link calendly.com/tannerchidesterfitness/15min
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Tanner Chidester nude


@obese_to_beast is one of my favorite stories. I haven’t met the guy personally, but i feel like he’s super relatable.

I like hearing his story and his struggle before he decided to change. Obviously the physical change is quite impressive, but the mental changes are EVEN MORE so i would assume.

Physical progress is easy to see. Weight loss or muscle gained is visible to the eye, but mental progress is not.

Although we can’t see it, something almost magical seems to happen when we persistently and consistently build good habits.

Whether that’s eating better or getting to the gym consistently...building these habits is what changes us.

Once you realize you can change yourself physically with hard work. Then you realize that same work can apply to any other area of your life. I know that happened for me when i was starting my fitness journey.

My wish is to help as many people feel the same pride, confidence, and satisfaction i felt after my transformation.

If i can be of service hit the link calendly.com/tannerchidesterfitness/15min
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Tanner Chidester nude


FIT▶️2 FAT➡️2 FIT 💪🏻

When i tell people I’ve been where you’ve been, I mean it. (This picture is me starting out in fitness ▶️ letting myself go ▶️ getting my ass back on the grind)

Maybe not AS BIG as you or as OVERWEIGHT as you etc. etc.

But I’ve been...

❌Not wanting to work out
❌Excuse city 😫😫😫

The thing to remember is all that ⬆️⬆️⬆️ doesn’t get you results.

I follow a science based approach, it WORKS 100% of the time. Not sometimes, not for her/her body type, not just for “certain people.”

It works ALL THE TIME 👌🏻

The difference is I man up for my mistakes and I fix what needs to be fixed. I don’t allow myself to wallow in regret and self pity and blame others around me.

Everything in your life is a direct result of every decision you’ve made up to this point. If you’re not happy the only person to blame is YOU!

We all have the same 24 hours in a day. Some have a more difficult schedule then others. BUT the one thing that always holds true is PEOPLE MAKE TIME FOR WHAT THEY CARE ABOUT 🙏🏻👌🏻

Actions speak louder then words. Excuses don’t get the job done. If you want to change then SHOW others by what you do.

Talk is cheap. If you want something in life then do what it requires. It’s that or forever wallow in self pity and regret.

If you’re ready to change sign up for a call calendly.com/tannerchidesterfitness/15min
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Tanner Chidester nude

BALANCE 🙏🏻👌🏻🙏🏻🔽🔽🔽

Ask yourself a question...WHAT GOOD IS IT TO HAVE ABS IF YOU CAN’T ENJOY LIFE 🤔🤔🤔

Ummmm freaking none 👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻

In theory it’s great to say

✅I’m going to eat chicken 🐔 and broccoli 🥦 ✅I’m going to drink 10 gallons of water 💧 a day
✅I’m never eating sugar 🍭 again
✅I’m exercising 2 hours a day
✅I’m never staying up late
✅I’m never eating pizza 🍕

And thennnnnnn....life happens

You realize all that sounds good on paper. But then realize it’s seriously the most unrealistic list you can follow on a day in and day out basis

🔥If you plan on never eating bad food again then good luck 👍🏻

🔥If you plan on never staying up late again then good luck 👍🏻

🔥If you plan on being PERFECT then good luck 👍🏻 I don’t preach perfection i preach BALANCE!

Do I workout and eat healthily things? Sure do. But i also find time to live life and enjoy it.

There’s a way to do both it’s just most people don’t realize it’s possible.
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Tanner Chidester nude


The dog is cute 😍😍 BUTTTT I’m still going with a SUPPLEMENTS 💪🏻

Some people are going to ask...why supplements? 🤔🤔🤔

Anyone who follows me should know I’m actually NOT huge on supplements BUTTT they still cost the most and the few i do but cost way more 💰💰 then a gym membership 😬😬

COMMENT below what you would choose 🔽🔽🔽

P.S. I know i might go to hell for picking supps over a dog 😂
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Tanner Chidester nude


The reason most people NEVER START something is because they fear failing. Usually because they’re afraid what others might say.

In this case we can relate it to a nutrition or workout strategy

💥What if it doesn’t work?
💥I’m sad/depressed
💥My mom doesn’t like me
💥What will people say?
💥The other programs haven’t worked before
💥What if I fail?

Alright...well what if you just stay where you’re at? Will you be happy?

The answer will be NO. So honestly what do you have to lose besides continuing to be unhappy with where you are?

I failed this bench press attempt. Should i never try again? Should i worry if someone laughs? Should i care if someone lifts more then me? What If I️ never started working out? What if I never left school to start a business? What if I didn’t start an Instagram? What if I cared what people thought?

FEAR isn’t real. It’s you projecting your insecurities from your past or current situation on your future. All you have to is ask yourself one thing.

If my life stays the way it is now will I be happy? Will I be content?

If the answer is NO then what the hell do you have to lose? ANSWER: NOTHING!

Don’t let fear or insecurities hold you back. The biggest regret you’ll have is looking back on your life when you’re older and realizing all the opportunities you missed out on by allowing fear take control.

I feel fitness can change your life if you let it
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Tanner Chidester nude


For me it was an escape from the struggles of my life.

💥Lack of confidence
💥No social skills
💥Made fun of often
💥Small and scrawny build

Of course health is important, but to me that’s just a byproduct. The things it takes to stick with a nutrition plan, workout regime, and actually make it a SUSTAINABLE lifestyle all transfers over into other areas in our lives.

❤️Relationships (a good one takes work. Notice the divorce rates in America. It’s HARD and takes WORK to have a healthy relationship)
💪🏻Confidence (if you don’t look good in your own eyes and really love yourself how can you expect others to. Your lack of confidence will show as well, trust me.)

💥Consistency (you become what you do most often not what you do ONCE in awhile.)

I work hard in the gym so life outside is easier for me.

A client losing 100+ lbs is great because they will live a higher quality life and be much happier. But the mental change in confidence, self-worth etc. is what makes it all worth it. That’s the TRANSFORMATION portion that takes you to the next level.

Find your deep reason why you want to change, and when things get hard you’ll always have it in your mind to continue to motivate you. For me I was done being the “loser” who everyone made fun of. So I decided to do something about it, and over the years every good thing that’s happened to me comes from the decision to pursue fitness. I don’t have those problems anymore. Things have changed for me.

If you need help click the link calendly.com/tannerchidesterfitness/15min
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Tanner Chidester nude


Lots of exercises can be tweaked to work different parts of your muscles 💪🏻

For example, on the leg press machine there’s tons of variations...

✅Placing your feet farther outside works the inner part of your thighs more

✅Placing your feet closer together works the outer part of your thighs more

✅The lower you place your feet the more you’re targeting your quads

✅The higher you place your feet the more you’re targeting your glutes and hamstrings

Personally i don’t do a ton of leg press anymore because i got tired of putting a lot of plates on each side 😂😂😂 BUT for the majority of people i recommend doing the leg press.

It gives you great back support AND look at all the different ways you can target your lower body.

Next time you’re in the gym watch your foot placement and try targeting the part of your body you want to improve the most 👌🏻👍🏻
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Tanner Chidester nude


SAY HI to my 60 YEAR OLD client @judithsmoodstruck3dfiberlashes 👋🏻

Girl is a straight BEAST 😈😈😈

This is someone who refuses...

❌To get old
❌To make excuses
❌To say no
❌Say I cant ❌Say I’m busy
❌Say It’s to hard

Judith has a crazy busy schedule. She owns a full time business and has a ton of responsibilities. Her days can turn into 16 hour work days real quick. (I know as I’m going through it 😫😫. By choice though so can’t complain!)

But she never misses a workout/meal or makes excuses. In fact i joke with her she looks better then i do 😂😂😂 and who can argue! She looks better then most 20 year olds.

It all started with CONSISTENCY and the decision to make health a priority for her. And this is the trade off you see before you.

She’s healthy, fit, looks great, and feels great. She didn’t accomplish this in a day. She chipped away day by day, week by week, year after year until she’s become a polished gem.

Now everything she does is strictly out of habit and ❤️. She doesn’t feel pressure to do things she does it because she was consistent long enough to make it a habit!

Super proud of you Judith i wanna be like you when i grow up! 👌🏻🙏🏻

Stop wishing guys and start doing. Hit me up for a FREE phone call.
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Tanner Chidester nude


I find it interesting when people say it’s “to expensive” when it comes to investing in their health. You either pay up front when you’re young🧑🏻👱🏻‍♀️, or on the back end when you’re older 👵🏻🧓🏻

By not taking care of yourself what happens⁉️

Well...you end up wearing and tearing your body down.

❌Bad food
❌Not exercising
❌Sitting a lot
❌Binge drinking alcohol
❌Not prioritizing any type of fitness

Now is it ok to eat bad ONCE in awhile? Of course ✅

Is it ok to drink alcohol? Yes of course ✅

Is it ok not to work out 6-7 days a week? Yes of course ✅

But has anyone seen the shape of someone at age 50+ whose worked out and eaten healthy consistently, COMPARED to someone who hasn’t?

It’s usually not pretty...in fact i had someone i knew who fell down and hurt their eye recently pretty severely because of poor balance. I believe it’s from not exercising over the years.

While this could happen to anyone it happens to them on a very frequent basis. Health and fitness were never a BIG priority in their life and so now what is happening? (Not including the other health issues going on either)

Emergency room visit 💰💰💰
Eye surgery 💰💰💰
Added health issues 💰💰💰

So when it’s all said and done what’s the better option?

Handling it when you’re young and creating good habits forever OR not addressing it and being best friends with the hospital and doctors?

Investing in yourself isn’t an option. It’s just whether you wanna do it NOW or LATER. Don’t wait till later.
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Tanner Chidester nude

I am NOT the coach who supports taking tupperware with you to outings and only eating chicken and veggies ❌❌❌🙅🏻‍♂️🙅🏻‍♂️
However it is good to have basic foods you get at the grocery store every time you go. That way no matter what your calorie goal or fitness goals are at the moment you always have some healthy foods that will fit into your goals. Some of my go to options are.
1️⃣ Chicken OR a lean meat
2️⃣ Spinach and/or mixed veggies
3️⃣ Fat free cheese. Everybody ❤️s cheese
4️⃣ Low calorie BBQ sauce and ketchup (I use sugar free smokehouse BBQ sauce)
5️⃣ Pickles in case I get super hungry it gives me something to much on
6️⃣ Eggs and egg whites
7️⃣ Herbal tea to use before bed
8️⃣ La banderita low carb tortillas (Only 11 carbs and 6 grams of fiber per tortilla. Will save your life!)
9️⃣ Mushrooms for omelettes and eggs
🔟 Oatmeal & Strawberries 🍓
Obviously I work in treats and go out to eat, but this is the bulk of my grocery haul whenever I go. What are some things you like to eat on a regular basis? ⬇️⬇️⬇️
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WHEN IT’S OK TO HAVE A CHEAT MEAL 🥘 🔽🔽🔽 (pic by @apfau)

Thanksgiving is coming up and everyone is worried about how to eat right⁉️

“Omg i don’t wanna gain weight but i wanna enjoy myself. What do i do⁉️⁉️” 😱😱😱😱😱😱

SIMPLE...don’t cheat all year round. Let me explain 🔽🔽🔽

People talk about cheat meals all the time. You see people posting all the time, “cheated on the diet today.”

That’s fine and everything, but when you have a “cheat meal” every other day then you’re not on a “diet or nutrition plan.” Let’s be honest 😂😂😂

The cool thing about fitness is you look the way you do because of what you CONSISTENTLY do. You can’t buy your body (minus expensive surgeries) and you can’t lie about what you do. At the end of the day your body tells everyone what you’re ACTUALLY doing.


You eat WHATEVER the hell you want because if you’ve ACTUALLY been eating on point for 90% of the days of the year then one day of a FREE FOR ALL won’t hurt you.

Now this isn’t an excuse to binge out until you can’t walk but it is ok to enjoy more then you usually would. Food and family is part of what makes life great. So enjoy the time with them and some extra food.

Just keep in mind that your body looks the way you consistently feed yourself. If you’re not happy with it don’t blame the 5% of the days that are holidays. Blame the 95% of the days that aren’t that you still treat like one 👌🏻

Now if you’re a person whose like “but how do i eat the rest of the days of the year?” Shoot me a DM.
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Tanner Chidester nude

A lot of people struggle with form and how to perform certain exercises. I wanted to try to start dropping some videos showing the WRONG as well as RIGHT way to go about things. Let me know in the comments if this is helpful or any specific exercises you might wanna see ⬇️⬇️⬇️

The WRONG way to do Lat pulldowns ...

1️⃣ Going to fast (it’s not about how fast you go but how well you are working the muscle that dictates growth)
2️⃣ Using body weight. People are always swinging and throwing their weight to pull more weight on this exercise. Don’t be that person. It’s for your back.
3️⃣ Leaning back. You should only lean back far enough to pull the weight all the way down. Anymore then that you’ll start cheating by using your body weight.

The RIGHT way to do Lat Pulldowns...

1️⃣ Slow down and control the movement. Contract the muscle and get full range of motion for the best results.
2️⃣ Don’t use momentum. Make sure your body isn’t swinging.
3️⃣ Full Extension. People cut this exercise short all the time. It should touch/almost touch the top of your chest everytime. Anything less you’re not doing it properly.

Give these tips a try and let me know how it goes.
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You see/hear it all the time.

❌Low carb this
❌Low fat that
❌Extreme training this
❌Fad diet that

Whatever happened to just some good old MODERATION?

Any idiot can get you to lose weight by starving you to death ☠️💀☠️💀 and putting you on spartan like programs 🙅🏻‍♀️🙅🏻‍♀️🙅🏻‍♀️🙅🏻‍♀️

A GOOD coach gets you to your goal while letting you train the way YOU want 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

He also let’s you EAT the way YOU want 🥖🥨🍕🥞

Shoutout to my client Judith Dineen who lost 11lbs, 5.25 inches around the waist and 4.25 around the hips in just 7 weeks!

❌Didn’t go fast
❌Didn’t restrict any foods
❌Didn’t do crazy amounts of cardio

Just went slow and steady and got her to where she wanted to go.

Fitness isn’t complicated. Every EFFECTIVE nutrition and training program revolves around the same principles. If you don’t know what those principles are feel FREE to give me a call!
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Tanner Chidester nude


Sports is one of the best tools out there to teach young kids discipline and consistency. I’ll explain why below ⬇️⬇️

One of my clients asked me the other day...

“How do you do it Tanner? How do you always just do what you’re supposed to do? I don’t wanna go to the gym when I’m tired or don’t feel like it. Do you ever feel that way?”

Easy answer ➡️➡️ YEP ALL THE TIME

Whether it’s work, your relationships, the gym, or even social events. There will ALWAYS be things you don’t wanna do. If we only did things when we wanted to we’d never get anything done.

The difference though, is most people feel they HAVE TO do what their work/job demands or they’ll get fired (which in 99% of most cases is true). Imagine however if you got punished every time you didn’t go to the gym?

🔥Lost holidays
🔥Lost wages
🔥Cuts on pay

Could you imagine how many more people would make sure to eat right and go to the gym everyday? ➡️➡️ LOTS

The key is to make habits out of things you KNOW you should do. I don’t need someone to force me to workout because I’ve made it a habit and I know i NEED to.

If you’re only making decisions your whole life based on consequences you won’t have a very good life. Successful people in any aspect of life do what they’re supposed to do ✅ALL THE TIME✅

Not sometimes, not most times. ✅ALL THE TIME✅

Sports was always a great habit builder for me because in high school & college if I didn’t practice I didn’t play. I couldn’t just say “sorry coach don’t feel like it today I had a rough day with the gf.”

That shit doesn’t fly and neither should any of the other excuses you make up. When you start just doing what you’re supposed to do every single day without exception. Your life will go from ordinary to extraordinary.

If you’re struggling with your mindset & mentality let’s talk
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Hit them with that blue steel look 🤪😜


“I wanna be fat and out of shape” said no one ever. While the phrase “looks aren’t everything” gets thrown around all the time, I think it’s taken out of context quite often.

I think it’s RIGHT in the sense that not everyone is going to be the best looking person on earth. We can’t all be Brad Pitt or Angelina Jolie. You shouldn’t base judgement on someone because they’re not the most handsome devil around.

BUT we can look/be this best version of ourselves that WE can.

Why is it important we look good?

Well besides the obvious health reasons, looking good has a huge effect on our mentality.

Whether you like it or not people will treat you better and you’ll get more compliments. More compliments leads to higher self esteem. Higher self esteem leads to taking more action. Taking more action leads to results. Results lead to SUCCESS!

Whatever success is for you. ACTION is the key 🔑 thing that needs to take place for it to happen.

Now i know someone will drop a comment 🔽 that “I don’t care what anyone thinks of me.” I’m calling bullshit.

While I agree you can’t fall apart when people hate you or talk badly about you NOBODY likes being talked badly about.

And if you don’t ❤️ how you look or feel good about yourself how can you possibly ever do something great with your life?

Have you ever met someone really successful that didn’t have a high level of swagger and confidence? I haven’t.

They’re comfortable with who they are and while there’s many factors that can play into that i truly BELIEVE looking your best is a VERY vital piece to the puzzle 🙏🏻
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I get asked a lot “which nutrition and workout program is the best?” Some examples are...

💥Vegan diet
💥Keto diet
💥Intermittent Fasting
💥3 workouts a week
💥5 workouts a week
💥6 workouts a week

Know what the answer is? It’s whatever you prefer 🙈

Some of you might read that and go 🤔🤔🤔 but think about it.

What are you most likely to stick with? A program you hate and can’t wait to finish BUT produces rapid results? OR a less intense plan that gives you slower results but is sustainable for your lifestyle?

The answer is ALWAYS something less intense and sustainable. There’s a 1,000,000 different ways to get from point A to B. My/your job is to find the most enjoyable way to get there.

So keep the pizza 🍕 and drink your beer 🍺 because it’s never gonna work cutting out all the things you ❤️

No more boring chicken and broccoli and super intense workout plans. DM me if ya need some help
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Tanner Chidester nude

One of the most common things I hear is...“I’ve tried so many programs but I always seem to gain all the weight back after. The plan worked at the time but I hated it. The workouts were to intense and the food was blehhh.” (Pic by Alex Wightman)

Honestly it doesn’t surprise me because the fitness industry has so much information it puts out, it’s hard for people to sift through what’s BS and what’s not.

Here’s usually how “coaching” works these days...

1️⃣12 week plan
2️⃣Non-customized program (every person is just getting the same workouts and diet even though “they promise” you’re not.
3️⃣No accountability groups (so its 100% up to you to stay motivated and accountable).
4️⃣Email you once a week (you can’t even talk to whose coaching you).
5️⃣No plan after the 12 weeks on how to sustain a eating strategy or workout routine (because they want you to just keep signing up). Since when is fish, chicken 🐔 and broccoli sustainable for the rest of your life 🙄🙄

So you lose a bunch of weight. Gain it all back, and end up buying program after program until you’re to old to fitness anymore 😂

So what if there was a better way? A way to solve all those issues? Would you do it? Whether it’s with me or someone else here’s the plan you should look for.

1️⃣ Customized Plan (it doesn’t matter how good a plan is if you don’t personally like it. People will only do things they hate for so long) I make programs based on amount of time to workout. How many days you want to workout & what you like to eat.

So SUCCESS % goes Wayyy 🔼🔼🔼

2️⃣ An accountability group. This doesn’t mean everyone is in your business. It means every person is posting their progress, struggles, and victories. It makes a world of difference surrounding yourself with people on the same journey as yourself and going through the same struggles.

3️⃣ Unlimited coach contact. While I do admit at times it can wear me out. My clients appreciate it so much. Being able to adjust or ask questions on a moments notice gives them a feeling of caring and confidence. Relying on adjustments once a week and waiting 48 hours for a response just doesn’t work for 90% of people. If it did they wouldn’t of been asking for help in the first place.

4️⃣ A LONG TERM PLAN. Word for word I tell clients “this is a one time investment. I will teach you everything you need to know to be able to make your own diet plans and workouts the rest of your life. I’ll be the last coach you ever hire.”

My goal isn’t to keep people on as clients forever. It’s to have them make a one time investment and then never pay for fitness programs/plans/advice again. Give a man a fish he won’t go hungry for a day. Teach a man to fish and he won’t go hungry for life.

Why am I so different? I teach and explain why they’re doing what they’re doing so they can eventually do things on their own. I don’t enslave them by saying do this or that w/o any explanation.

So if this resonates with you and you’re tired of paying for plan after plan and regaining and losing weight over and over again...sign up for a FREE phone call in my bio.

Let’s make that last and final investment towards your health and let’s never waste another dime again 🙏🏻
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Why I AGREE and DISAGREE with this picture 😶😧🙁

I AGREE because eating healthy all the time is the best option for us no matter what. Eating things high in fiber, micronutrients, and minerals is always going to help our bodies perform and function at maximum capacity.

I DISAGREE with this because letsssss be HONESTTTTT no one. I repeat NO ONE can eat healthy 100% of the time. While being healthy is super super important,so is living life to the fullest.

Which means occasionally you need to slam back some pizza, ice cream, and bad food. It’s NORMAL. Nothing is wrong with you.

Where people mess up is thinking it’s one or the other. That’s not true. There is a way to eat what you want in MODERATION and still look like a complete stud/babe at the beach.

If you’re confused as to how then let’s talk it out. Sign up for my FREE phone call!
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This is something I see people really struggle with on a daily basis. They’re not confident in their job skills, their physical appearance, their social skills, or even their love ❤️ life.

In my opinion it’s for a variety of factors...

1️⃣Childhood upbringing...Not much you can do here. If your parents didn’t help you become a confident person it shouldn’t be an excuse but definitely doesn’t help. Acknowledge it and learn from it.-
2️⃣Low self esteem...This either comes from a poor physical appearance and/or letting what others say affect you way to much. If you worry about what people say about you then you’ll be sad your whole life. Most people will say bad things about you, so how you respond is everything.

3️⃣Poor work ethic & lack of character building activities...If you never attempt/accomplish anything that requires lots of hard work how can you ever build confidence in yourself? Sports, high grades, chores, gym routines etc. are all examples of things that require hard work and consistency. Those two things combined can do a lot of good for an individual.

FITNESS can build a whole lot of confidence in an individual. Consistency to a nutrition/training plan over a lifetime is not easy. It takes discipline, hard work, sacrifice, and being uncomfortable typically to make long term progress.

But I love ❤️ how you can see the physical changes being manifested by your hard work. You can’t cheat the grind or buy 💰💰 your way out of it. It’s just you and the iron 💪🏻

Losing 30 lbs. or gaining 10 lbs. of muscle will ALWAYS 100% of the time build confidence in a person. And when you’re confident you have high self esteem (you love ❤️ yourself). And when you love ❤️ yourself you are happy. And when you’re happy you’ve WON at life.

I’m not obsessed with fitness because of the physical gains. I’m all about the life gains it creates 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻
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One of the most common things i hear on a daily basis. “Ya i lost 30 lbs eating no carbs, no bread, no sugar, (insert something they restricted) but then i gained it all back 😩😩😩

I always go on to ask “why do you think that is.” They’ll then respond with something like “i hated it” or “it got boring” or “it made going out to eat really hard.”

The reason for this is because RESTRICTION makes ZERO sense. No matter what it is in life we can only do something we hate for so long. Jobs, relationships, and even a nutrition plan have a limited amount of will power when we loathe it more then anything.

YES you do have to have some boundaries in line. You can’t throw down 2 XL domino pizzas 🍕 and still expect to look like a Greek god. But completely restricting things never does or ever will work long term.

It might work for a little bit but not for the long run. What’s the point in losing weight if you just gain it all back after? That’s what i call a huge WASTE OF TIME. Instead of finding a diet let’s find a lifestyle 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

If you relate to this and are tired of trying 535272626626262 different fad diets that don’t work and want to find a solution FOR LIFE then click the link in my bio and let’s hop on a call @tannerchidesterfitness
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I remember when I first started my fitness journey I was so confused about nutrition!!!! 🍫🍿🍩🍮🎂🍕🥙🍖🥞🥓🥔

It seemed like there were a million videos and articles to study, but they all said different things. I had no idea who was right or what I should do.

Around this time IFFYM (If it fits your macros) had started becoming popular. I remember thinking...dang eat what you want and still get shredded? This must be to good to be true.

So at 18 I took what little money I had, bought a iifym diet plan and put it to the test. For 4 months solid I didn't mess up one time. I wanted to see if this was the real deal and if I could sustain it. -
🔥🔥FINAL RESULTS🔥🔥▶️ 220 lbs. at 15-20% BF to 180 lbs. at 4-6% BF

I remember how ecstatic I was to learn I could eat foods I enjoyed and loved, while still being lean and feeling good. It was like a whole new world had been opened up to me.

A lot of you out there struggle with the same thing. You're trying to decipher who is right and who is wrong. You've tried 100 different diets but you're just not getting the results or living the lifestyle you want. You're on the edge of giving up.

DON'T GIVE UP. The answer is closer then you think. If you're struggling with your diet and know you're ready to solve the mystery of how it's possible to stay lean while enjoying foods you love...then hit the link in the bio and schedule a FREE call. Let's talk about it 🙏🏻
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Story Background: This is a client of mine who has a photo shoot coming up, and literally hadn’t lost a lb. in 2 weeks.

Honestly, my first thought as a coach was she’s lying about following the plan (that’s my job). But she was adamant that she was 100% following it to a T. So i started asking questions...

🔥Are you weighing the same time each day?
🔥Are you hitting the nutrition plan on point?
🔥Are you stressed?
🔥Are you on your period?

Basically anything i could think of that would justify her not losing weight WHILE in a caloric deficit.

Then she sends me this picture today freaking out because it FINALLY came off 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻 So what changed?

SIMPLE: The water 💦 weight dropped off.


You see when we’re stressed (or on a period) your body tends to hold water. Therefore MASKING the weight loss taking place. She didn’t magically wake up 5 lbs lighter. She just was stressed out and retaining tons of water.

So while she WAS IN FACT losing body fat the last 2 weeks it didn’t show up on the SCALE because her body was retaining water at the same time. After she had a HIGH CARB meal (Also known as a REFEED) her body relaxed and WHOOSHHHH the weight magically disappeared 😎😎😎

It’s SCIENCE guys, so when you’re following a balanced approach and in a caloric deficit there’s only 3 scenarios as to why you’re not losing weight. (Make sure you’re not 1 or 2 FIRST. 95% of people are).

1️⃣You’re not following the nutrition plan
2️⃣You’re tracking is inaccurate
3️⃣Your so stressed out so your body is masking the weight loss (let’s be honest life can do that). The second the water 💦 weight drops the weight loss will then show on the scale.

So first off, be honest with yourself. Then if you are and your weight isn’t dropping now you know why 🙏🏻👌🏻

BUT MAKE sure you are tracking properly. It’s easy to blame it on stress but this is the minority not the majority.

COMMENT below if this was helpful 🔽
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