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Morning Workout Complete ✔️ . It's my last few hours in Chicago before I fly to the #UK for @bodypowerexpo . Honestly, I ate like sh*t all 3 days I was here, but plan to step it up a notch. I'm definitely not as ripped as a couple weeks ago, but again it's all about balance. Traveling new places means experiencing new cultures aka don't be afraid to try new things because you may never have that opportunity to again. (Btw it's official, NY pizza is way better than Chicago pizza lol ?) I'm looking forward to Birmingham & London so if you guys know any places that is "a must" see let me know please ??? . P.S. I filmed some dope new videos & photos with some friends last night in Downtown Chicago I'm excited to share with you guys ? #HustleMatters #CreateMore #BecomeMore

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Progress Update ✅ (Tag someone who needs some motivation) Another 3 weeks and I should be Super Shredded ⚔️

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#MyCalvins + Morning Sweat?

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I'm know I'm not normal, but this is my kind of Friday Night ???❤️ #BecomeMore & #ImproveYourself

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@jonbrownell on #flexfriday

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