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Show me once for all what u hide in your hands @godfreofficial

@dugancats @godfreofficial @whittont ☘️siKKie is like a sonnet,
bittersweet like William Shakespeare
☘️siKKie is some kinda candy maker, y’alls can be his taster

@sayyaygp @godfreofficial January’s awfully slow,
February’s mostly snow
Spring takes too long,
Summer's here then gone
Aah I can't
I can hardly wait for ☘️siKKie jizz cake
Porn cock is throbbing
Music beats pounding
Devilish ya know whatta sayin
Aah I can’t
I can hardly wait for ☘️siKKie jizz cake

@MaleBeauty1 @godfreofficial Benji's ass is designed so perfectly to get penetrated over and over by cock. ❤

@MaleBeauty1 @godfreofficial U r in a right position and tangled up, it’s a perfect opportunity to fuck u 😜🍆🤪

PIC OF THE DAY @godfreofficial Those trunks wouldn’t be on him long if he turned up on my doorstep dressed like that. 🥇🍆👅🇺🇸🍑❤️💕

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Taking me higher than I've ever been before  I'm holding it back, just want to shout out, give me more  You're just a hideaway...

We love me?

First kiss just like a drug Under your influence You take me over, you're the magic in my veins This must be love...

Morning Babies!

We walk up in the kitchen saying "How in hell did this shit happen?" Oh baby, drunk in love we be all night...

Good morning people! Have a nice week!

Morning people! Have a nice day!


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Sup guys. Do I have any fans in Athens? ... See MoreSee Less

Kiss of Godfre added 2 new photos.
Kiss of Godfre
Photos by Sonny Tong #fuccboiImage attachment

Photos by Sonny Tong #fuccboi ... See MoreSee Less


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so freakig hot as always

Love the pictures that shows off your hairy chest. Your very handsome

Haha love this! Ashley Lepesh

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