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See male model Alex Valley nude photos & videos at Instagram (Tagged), Pinterest, Snapchat (alexvalley) & Tumblr. Follow Alex Valley on Facebook, Twitter, Wikipedia & YouTube (Official). Also see Parke & Ronen (Designer) plus Cody Kinsfather, Darren Tieste, Fritz Yap, Joseph LallyMario Testino & Tony Duran (Photographers).




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The human body is the best work of art ♣️ model • @alexvalley ♣️ photographer • @ricpie via @king_alex_valley

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TOWEL SERIES 138 By @mariotestino What a legend to have the opportunity to work with.

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Off camera a puppy was lickin my leg. What a time to be alive. ? by @darrentieste

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#AlexValley ( @alexvalley / @king_alex_valley ) by #TonyDuran ( @tonyduranphoto ). #KingAlex ? #KingsOfModels ?

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