Rafael Miller

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Rafael Miller @ Next

Rafael Miller @ Parke & Ronen Spring/Summer 2019

Raf Miller – Parke and Ronen 19

46233176_1920538284909640_8147199974329810944_o.jpg?_nc_cat=101&_nc_ht=scontent nude

Guess who’s taking the picture .. ... See MoreSee Less

45546582_1917353278561474_822646731521916928_o.jpg?_nc_cat=108&_nc_ht=scontent nude

Exactly a year ago in Australia, wish I could be in this situation right now 🤤🌊 ... See MoreSee Less

45474468_1916444241985711_1095209474999713792_o.jpg?_nc_cat=104&_nc_ht=scontent nude

If you ever feel lazy, just put some music and go for a run... 🏃🏻 this just saved my day! Can’t feel better now 😌 ... See MoreSee Less

45148765_1914369285526540_5642530722687221760_o.jpg?_nc_cat=102&_nc_ht=scontent nude

JUST. CHILLING. 😏 ... See MoreSee Less


Who doesn’t love a good Sweatpants Sunday ?
With a baguette, please 🥖
... See MoreSee Less


Just passed by @nextmodelsparis today.
I’ll never get bored of the architecture👌🏼
... See MoreSee Less


I’m thinking about growing back my hair, even longer than that ...
Thoughts 🙂 ?
... See MoreSee Less


Le Trocadéro, vu de haut
#NASA #eiffeltower #pullandbearcommunity
... See MoreSee Less


enters the fitting room with 1 tank top...
Takes pictures
20min later : “I won’t take it” 😂
... See MoreSee Less

43648037_1904930229803779_3987919714641772544_n.jpg?_nc_cat=100&_nc_ht=scontent nude

Interview here : malemodelscene.net/interviews/raf-miller/ ... See MoreSee Less

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